Friday, July 4, 2014

Unforgettable moments: 'Us'

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A same path to happiness,
Is what we once took,
Beyond each other,
We could never ever look...

Madly in love,
It was all what we had,
We brought joy to each other,
Whenever we were sad...

We had our share of fights, 
But love always won the war,
Until one unfortunate day,
When our apprehensions took us far..

We lost the battle,
Things went from bad to sour,
We tried so hard to win,
We lost the love, got the scar...

We have fallen apart now,
And it's been so long,
And yet it's so strange,
For each other, we both long...

I know you feel the same,
Don't you lie to me,
I know you rewind life as well,
And it's us you see...

I'm scared of 'us' too,
Still, that's a thing I crave,
You memories make me weak,
I still don't want to be brave...

I don't know what will happen to 'us'
Which doesn't exist and yet in some way does,
But I do know this for sure,
The most beautiful part of my life was and will always be - 'us!'

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